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Putt-Putt Fun Center

4530 Speedway Drive

Fort Wayne, IN. 46825


Arcade and Putt-Putt Golf

Sunday           10 am to 9 pm

Monday          12 pm to 9 pm

Tuesday          12 pm to 9 pm

Wednesday    12 pm to 9 pm

Thursday        12 pm to 9 pm

Friday              12 pm to 12 am

Saturday         10 am to 12 am




Race Zone Go-Karts 

Closed for the Season 

Will Re-Open Spring 2024 



Hours of Operation:

Putt-Putt Golf and Go-Karts are OPEN Weather Permitting 

(warmer weather and no rain)

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Frequently asked questions:

Are there any age or height requirements to ride the go-karts? Yes! Drivers must be at least 4'8" to drive alone and 4'10" to drive with a passenger. Passengers ride for free and must be at least 3 years old and 3 feet tall.

Does Putt Putt do anything for birthdays? Not anymore unfortunatly. We still have group discounts though and allow groups to bring outside food and drinks as long as it is cleaned up afterwards. For more information check out our group rates page!

Does Putt Putt serve alcoholic beverages? No, and we most likely never will. We do offer a variety of soda, energy drinks, and sports drinks for refreshment though.

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